12 foot hammerheads, 4 to 5 foot white tips, and some 10 foot duskies. Socorro, Mexico.

Giant manta socorro
1er jour au bout du monde a San Benedicto:
Apres une tres longue navigation de plus d’1 journee apparait a nous l’ombre de l’ile de San Benedicto temps plutot voile qui annonce 1 journee de plongee pleinede surprises et de mysteres.
Que se cache t‚il dans les eaux chargees de plancton de Socorro?
The Canyon is a great place to experience sharks up close, we had several hammerheads on our first and 2nd dive, and on the last dive of the day the hammers weren’t there, but we had 2 massive sharks which I think they are Dusky sharks. Great first day at the Canyon.
February 21st. Isla San Benedicto (Canyon dive). Shark day!
Just finished first day of diving (3 dives) after a rough crossing. First time I have been sea-sick in as long as I can remember. Saw 3 varieties (12 foot hammerheads, 4 to 5 foot white tips, and some 10 foot duskies). Sharks came within about 20 to 25 feet of us except the white tips were within 10 feet. Visibility was so-so my guess was 40 feet or so. Water was in the low 70 degrees. Dove with a 5 mm suit and it was perfect for me.
Saw a couple of Mantas on the first dive, but dove to 90 feet on the last two dives which is too deep for the mantas. Food is quite good now that I am back to eating normally after the crossing. Crew is great. Always there with a helping hand and smiling face and some food or drink that is perfect for the occasion. Tomorrow is the boiler with hopes for better visibility and lots of good big sealife.
Preston, Del Mar

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