Hurricane Bud. Captains Log – May 22, 2012. Socorro Island, Mexico.

Nautilus Explorer Liveaboard, Dolphin Diving
Captains Log – May 22, 2012
So what’s in a BUD? Not the beer or the Bud you know. I know a few Bud’s and they are all intense. This Bud is a named storm which as it turns out, was going to be close enough to Socorro to potentially pose a problem. Most Tropical Depressions start in the far south off the coast of Mexico and then slowly and harmlessly drift off to the west before petering out. Some even become Tropical Storms or even stronger Hurricanes. They still all mostly head off into the sunset, to the west. Occasionally they recurve like Caribbean Hurricanes and start moving in a NW or Northerly direction, these ones we especially watch. As the Captain one of my prime directives is the safety of my passengers, the crew, the vessel and the environment; so events like Tropical Storms or Hurricanes are never taken lightly by myself, Captain Mike, our office staff or the company ownership/management team. With events like this, I am in constant communication with Mike who will happily stay up all night if he has to watch the latest forecasts.. In this case Bud very quickly showed its wild side going from Tropical Depression to a Tropical Storm and forecast to reach Hurricane Status over the last few days. It was also forecast to recurve much sooner but didn’t and was running straight at Socorro as it was coming down to the last few hours before boarding of this trip for departure on May 22. In this case in conjunction with Mike the decision was taken that we would sail north into the Sea of Cortez until we could safely sail south. We know that when weather rears its wild side that disappointment can be big, but as I tell my guests, judge you trips success when it is over, you may well have forgotten, what was the problem. Just thought I would share with you what happens behind the scenes but will definitely share what the end result of this trip is for our guests, as I am sure they will share with you as well.
Captain Al
May you have Safe Diving and Happy Travels.
So far I said that I will keep you all posted on what we see and what is happening. We end up staying at Roca Partida another day on the last trip and just we saw so much sharks and the weather was so calm couldn’t say no to that as we all were all ready to see what was there for us to see especially when you’re not awake yet just to get drop off on top of a 18 ft. Whale Shark that surly got everyone an eye opener what a sight to see first thing in the morning as I knew that it would stay for at less 1 day in the area so as we got back to the boat we couldn’t calm the divers with what they saw how close they got to the whale shark as it just made couple turns around the divers as the photographers just had their fingers busy on the trigger of the cameras the second dive didn’t have a single diver not ready to got they were all as ready as can be got in and there was the whale shark waiting for us as we spent the dive just looking at a sparkling spot and the small eye that just round slow as he passed by. Well we had a magnificent 3 day at Roca Partida as we had to stop at the Boiler AKA Manta City but it seem more like dolphin city instead as they chase after the jacks and tuna great day as we had to start to head to Sea Of Cortez we had some great diving there we saw sea horse, sea lions, and did a dive at a wreck and we headed to the last stop of the trip Las Reinas where the sea lion colony had great encounter the water temp was 75 warm water diving anyway let you all know all the updates on board .
DM Juan The Only One
We head out for a trip out again into the Sea of Cortez to dodge a building hurricane and we headed to La Reyna to dive with the Sea Lion colony nice shallow dive for check out then we move to El Carpenter Rock where there just a small rock sticks out like 5 ft. out of the water and about 50 ft. across lot of fish, Slipper lobster, nudibrach, big morays, now we are heading to San Benidicto to see what is awaiting for us. Well that’s about it right now so let you all know when we get there.
DM Juan The Only One

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