Silvia, one of our amazing hostesses, and her friend Bruce, the great white shark.

Hi, this is Silvia again, finishing another wonderful and fun trip…… I would like to talk this time about my favorite shark ever… Bruce!!!
Bruce is an amazing shark, he is the second biggest male shark that is tagged at Guadalupe, 16 feet long with a small beady eyes, and both sides of his face has spots that look like big freckles.
Bruce has a big scar by the right eye that scientists think was done by a California Sea Lion.
Bruce travels back and forth from Hawaii to Guadalupe Island.
He has been in Guadalupe since 2003 and I hope he stays around longer, therefore, it is very important to protect them….
I hope one day you will have the privilege to see him swimming around you!!!! 🙂
– Hostess Silvia

By Nautilus Staff

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