Second day of diving was excellent with 5 great white sharks swimming around my cage all at one time. We just about swung our heads off.

Here I am back on the Nautilus Explorer heading back to Ensenada. The second day was great with the whites, we had 5 sharks together at one time. We just were about to swing our heads off as we try to focus on one shark than another shark would just pop up three feet away and another one behind me.  It was a moment of catch me if you can. The vis was about 120 ft plus I could see the anchor chain and also I could see the greats just approaching in the distance.  I could hardly make them out but I just kept looking out and all of a sudden I could start to see the shape and the monster just heading towards us. The weather has been really nice just like a lake behind a mountain. The last day we had pretty good action, we saw some tuna circling around and a sea lion just playing with the great whites I was like buddy I don’t want to be in your shoe . So far everyone enjoy there trip and left with a smile and great me memories . Well hope to you all soon for an adventure of a life time .
– DM Juan The Only One

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