I love diving with California sea lions at San Benitos. They are a different kind of fun that diving with white sharks.

Bea Metzgerw
First dive with sea lions great, the harbor seal was good.
– Yves

Nice kelp forest, beautiful sea lions.
– Kim

Los bosques de kelp muy bonitos y los peces muy amistosos, quede entretenido con las focas y leones marinos
– Mauricio

Lovely combination of seal lions, garibaldis and guitar ray.
– Achim

Smiling all day because of the sea lions and kelp.
– William

Great seal lions interaction and amazing dive with jj.
– Cheri

Great tour on the kelp with jj and beautiful sea lions.
– Anne

Had beautiful dives, more than words to express.
– Jeanne

I love sea lions, they are a different kind of fun than the great white sharks.
– Ben

Very good, I like kelp diving and am very happy.
– Daniela

Dove at San Benitos today (Sept 22). Seals galore. Very playful and inquisitive.  Many pose for the camera or otherwise show off. Another great day on board the Nautilus Explorer ˆ great food, great crew and great diving.
– Steve, Phila., PA

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