Today’s crossing to Socorro Island was very gentle with almost glass seas and a very low swell. We spotted turtles on the way, resting on the surface.

Christian Horl29w
Although each and every trip is different to the Revillagigedo Islands they all start with our departure from the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula which stands as a buttress between the north Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortes. Heading generally south we begin our journey  to San Benedicto which is the closest island to Cabo San Lucas. For the first two hours we must thread our way through all the small boats and pangas that are fishing or sightseeing near the tip of the Baja. As we clear the last of the boats in sight we are join briefly by a small group of 20-30 spinner dolphins. Today’s crossing is very gentle with almost glassy seas and low swell. We are able to spot the turtles along the way resting at the surface. About mid-way we have the opportunity to slow down to observe a couple of whales as they make a random appearance close off our starboard bow.

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