Staying low, my heart beating beyond belief, staying patient and a hammerhead shark swam freely right over my head to be cleaned.

I never thought the white tipped reef sharks would be so active!  Absolutely amazing!
The Giant Mantas are stunning, and are so friendly!
This boat is just fabulous, and beautiful.  Its only the second day and the diving has blown me away!
Sailing out to the Socorro Islands, never have I been so excited! Man, does it ever feel good to be back on the Explorer.  It was a beautiful 24hour trip, though quivering with anticipation as we approached the volcanic Islands. Getting all the dive gear set up along side of the guests, chatting about simply being unable to imagine what‚s to come.  First off, San Benedicto and the Canyon!  A nice flat sandy bottomed dive site with a rock ridgeline bordering, almost protecting you from the abyss beyond the rock wall.  Peeking over just beyond the ridge into the blue trying as hard as possible not to race around in search of these creatures that come to feed and clean.   But, it pays off. Just laying low, even though your heart beating beyond belief, just staying patient (its a lot harder than it sounds!). And low and behold! A Hammerhead shark swimming freely as he comes to be cleaned.  Oh yeah, and not to mention how warm it is!  Making you that much more confident and comfortable being in the water surrounded by these magnificent yet intimidating creatures.   It has been an absolutely remarkable trip thus far, top side and below, it really makes you think how darned lucky you are to be out hear with such fantastic people, great food, and all on such a lovely ship.
– DM Joel

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