Early morning dive at Roca Partida with the stars still twinkling, beautiful visibility and sharks everywhere!

Joel Ibarra3
Waking up to a Starlit Sky at Roca Partida, moon high in the sky standing on the top lounge deck of the Nautilus Explorer; trying to take it all in as you wake up.  Everyone is up early for a remarkable Dawn dive, as the crew are up top, captain manning the Crane and getting the dive skiffs in the water and ready to go before the sun rises.  Getting in there first splash of the day with the White tip reef sharks and galapagos sharks at their most active hours is such an unbelievable experience!  Three,  Two, One, In we go! looking up through the crystal clear waters still being able to see the stars twinkling, and sharks Everywhere you look!  Feeling still a relaxed sense, that the sharks are just doing their own thing, not interested in you, letting you simply observe them race around.  Not only sharks everywhere, Morey Eels out and about free swimming, and even beyond that, looking out past all the commotion, a school of hammerhead sharks!  It is truly almost too much to handle!  Simply floating motionless in one single spot in shock and awe, as these amazing creatures surround you is priceless.  All this before you even have your nice hot breakfast.  Dang, is life good out here at the Socorro Islands!
– DM Joel

“Roca Partida is AMAZING! This entire trip has been amazing! The school of hammerhead sharks, and all the other sharks swimming all around, WOW!”

“I have only been aboard the Nautilus explorer for a liveaboard, and I wouldn’t chose any other dive boat!”

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