Why do we have to leave? Damn that nitrogen narcosis.. The giant manta is the most gorgeous, graceful fish in the sea!

Joel Ibarra6
December 11th, 2013
Bright and Early before Sunrise, up comes the Anchor at San Benedicto, the Canyon.  Socorro Island.  To the Boiler we go!  Around the corner on the east end of San Ben about a mile off, lies an awesome pinnacle in 150ft of water right to 15ft below the surface.   Clearly able to see the jutting reef from the skiff at the surface (even on a day of “bad” vis), making a free decent more then easy.  Even though, its a rather small pinnacle, and you could do lap upon lap in a single dive; I guarantee you won’t!  You’ll be happy right in almost a single set point in the water.  I know we were this morning!  First dive of the day, we all topple off the zodiac into the water, right atop the pinnacle, yet also able to see the bottom 150 down! Before we even have ourselves oriented from our back roll, a giant Manta, easy 14ft wingspan, glides past us.  Oh boy, was this ever a surprise! especially after not having much luck at the canyon the day prior.  But, the mantas must have been waiting for us at the boiler because all day long, each of the four dives, we had at least two big mantas flying by, and continuously coming back.  Especially loving a few of the guests, even getting within arms reach!  Not only the mantas were amazing today, but the Morey eels!   Big, and free swimming all around, in and out between the white tips, and merely cruising along curiously.   San Benedicto has been amazing, with huge smiling guests ALL day LONG! Seeing all those beautiful pearly whites of my fellow divers, makes me one happy Divemaster.

DM Joel

Did you get hypnotized by the mantas of the boiler?

Yes, I was hypnotized by the mantas a couple of times today.  Those guys are mesmerizing.  I was ready to go up after a fun dive of watching them.  We inflated the safety sausage, and low and behold a manta came by and waved. I swear she told me to come back.  I got sucked back into its flight hypnosis. I was hopeless against the manta’s gaze.  He understood and I reluctantly went back into the zodiac.
– Melissa Juan 12/11/13 San Benedicto Island

Manta Hypnosis and Manta Heaven!  Mantas circling around, checking out diver by diver, making the rounds.  Many other things to see: white tips, lobster, octopus, schools of jacks and some pompanos in a perfect line, but no one is watching (except Gee).  Mantas are stealing the show! That is why I come to Socorro.
– Bonnie Antcliffe 12/11/13 at the Boiler, San Benedicto Island

Yes indeed and what a gift it was!! The most gorgeous, graceful fish of the sea.  Why do we have to leave?  Damn that nitrogen narcosis!  But ah ha we will be back.
– K Williams 12/11/13 –  Boiler

“The mantas Just kept coming Back! As soon as you thought they were gone, back they came!  Absolutely Amazing! soo Graceful!
-Kristine, On the back deck after our 4th dive at the boiler!

Wow, today has been Epic. White tips, an octopus, Morey Eels, and of course, MANTAS!
– John,  Back dive deck after a day at the boiler.

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