A Whale Shark visits the Belle Amie

This first trip of June is pumping! Roca Partida is more amazing than I ever thought it could be. Every dive brings us close to schools – massive schools – of yellow fin tunas, bonitos, big eye jacks, and the majestic schools of silky sharks mixed with silvertip and Galapagos sharks. So many sharks around, diving has never been so fun! And of course we still find some schools of hammerheads passing in the blue. There is so much action close to that Rock! Add to that, a whale shark came sneaking around the Belle Amie boat for more than 2 hours, allowing all of our guests to have a close up snorkel with him. For many it was the first time seeing a whale shark, you can imagine their emotion.
The rest of the dives were also very intense. Personally, I cannot forget our last dive in the Boiler where a young male giant manta stuck around us for 20 minutes, and came so close and so insistently toward us, it was heartbreaking to leave him. He circled a few times around the skiff as we got out of the water. Then 2 days in the sea of Cortez, where visibility was not at its best, but where we could enjoy some quality time with cheeky sea lions, playfully swimming around us and gently letting us give them some belly scratches.
DM Yann, France

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