Great Whites are Perfection!

Our son suggested diving with the great whites, and I thought he was crazy! But today I am a convert!!!!! It is one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced. The staff of the Nautilus Undersea were attentive and encouraging. They are the best and made me feel comfortable when I was out of my comfort zone. I would come back and do this again in a heartbeat. I love sharks!
– Sue Sullivan, NJ

Without a doubt the most incredible wildlife experience of my life. Great Whites are perfection, as is the crew of the Nautilus Undersea. They were fun, friendly, helpful, and enthusiastic, and assisted us in getting some amazing close-up encounters with the giant sharks. There is NOTHING like having one of those animals swim by, watching one of the giant eyes lock onto yours and knowing it is looking at you just as intently as you are looking at it. Thank you Nautilus for a fantastic few days and I will absolutely be back.
– Matthew Sullivan, CA

This trip was absolutely life changing. With no previous diving experience the crew of the Nautilus Undersea made this dive effortless. Every crew member went above and beyond on this trip. Every time I got into a cage I wasn’t disappointed. I saw a Great White 99% of the time. I definitely would recommend this trip!
– Haley Anderson, CO

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