One morning, 15 different sharks.

What a great beginning to the Great White season at Guadalupe, onboard the Nautilus Belle Amie. There has been such an abundance of shark throughout the day. We counted over 15 different sharks coming around the cages in one morning alone. At one point in time, six sharks were in sight. We also had bottlenose dolphins and seals in view underwater.
The topside is just as dramatic: from the ethereal rolling clouds cascading down the side of the island, to the cheers and excitement on the back deck when the massive sharks skirt by our surface cages. Accompany that with the guttural and high-pitched calls coming from Elephant and Fur seal colonies that line the shores close by.
Just a magical place to be.
– Mate Lowel O’Rourke

shark led by group of pilot fishscarred great white sharkgreat white shark

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