Solar Eclipses, and Sharks

Now on our way back, this is the end of another incredible trip to Guadalupe island.
3 days cage diving with Great White sharks and every single day has been excellent. Diving day 1 and 2 were filled with shark action, from juveniles, to the bigger beasts (15 foots). Most of these sharks are males, but we also had a female around the boat for an afternoon.
Diving day 3, on August 21st, we were lucky to witness a solar eclipse at about 11am. That morning was very cloudy and there was a strong current, barely any sharks for a few hours. But as soon as the eclipse was over, current stopped, sun broke through the clouds, and about 8 different Great Whites came to hang out for the rest of the day.
– DM Eline, France.

Photo by Louis John Gimenez

By Nautilus Staff

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