Like a Scene from "Jaws"

Since 1975 (I am 50 in 2 weeks time) when I saw Jaws in Nottingham, England at the cinema, I have wanted to see a Great White Shark in the wild. So my friends booked this trip on Nautilus.
Sam gave me and my friends a one-on-one introduction / briefing in the early morning to tell us how to use the respirator and the equipment. He was very good, I have never snorkelled or dived, so this was a real step into the unknown. I was very much out of my comfort zone. He was very patient and I got the grip of breathing and clearing the mask eventually.
We got in the cage and the first Great White came in. I will never forget this moment… Effortless power and totally in charge of its surroundings.
The next dive Alistair sorted me out and even more Great Whites turned up. This time a female came in, it was breathtaking; I could not take my eyes off her. When she cruised by she looked you in the eye no more than 10 metres away, a mind-blowing experience. The final dive I went into the cage and two males and a female were circling us, I did not know where to look. This time was the males were totally going for the bait…This was something I won’t ever forget, the sharks attacking the tuna bait and then finally the sack, this was like a scene from Jaws and everything I hoped for as a 14-foot Great White shook the bag from side to side and finally swam away with the bag.
I’ve seen lots of videos over the years but nothing can prepare you for what I experienced today. The power, control, and sheer presence was even more impressive than I expected and I have waited over 35 years to do this. The whole day was fantastic, professional, friendly, and unforgettable.
Thanks Sam and Alistair, you delivered on every level, and were very patient. I really appreciate this.
Final note, if you have the slightest interest in Great White Sharks these are the people to do this trip with. If you have no interest…then you are missing out on something that at times takes your breath away. Superb.
– David M.

With rough weather, overnight we were forced to move due to strong winds. After we dropped our anchor and we were preparing to drop the cage, a huge 3 metre great white flew out of the water and landed within arms length of the boat leaving me completely wet and in shock. It was sign of good things to come. With around 8 different shark through out the day. Excellent day for all and was a pleasure to share this experience with Tina on her birthday!
– Divemaster Alistair

Photo by Mike Scott

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