20 Minutes into my first dive…

Day one – Well after being forced into going to Mexico to see great white sharks, which in truth makes me feel like I’m pathetic doing this for the love of my friends, I’m sitting here typing after the first day thinking I am never going to have as an exciting day in my life EVER again. Today was simply spectacular!
I have only snorkelled in Med before today and to come here and shark dive I thought was a major step. Instead I find myself being taught by a loveable Kiwi, Sam, who is so laid back (yet professional) I feel at ease straight away.
Today, day one of five, I find myself within 30 minutes seeing my first Great White Shark at 8.30 in the morning. This is only 20 minutes into my first dive! I am in awe and ease straight away. At times in my first dive I forget I’m in the water as I’m engrossed in the moment constantly looking for more around me. 1 hour passes just watching and turning in the cage trying to find more and more. 2 Great White sharks before 9 am on the first day of cage diving is just unreal! The sea is so, so clear underwater and the wildlife is so easy to see. I thought I would be helpless and useless, not at ease, instead I find the crew and other thrill seekers I’m with are so helpful and friendly. They from all around the world.
In the end, after day one, I managed 4 dives lasting 3 1/2 hours and I saw 7 different Great White Sharks, my cameras are full of memories and I just don’t think I can sleep tonight in anticipation for tomorrow. Today was in the top times of my life.
– Adam,
Nottingham, England

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