Close encounters with big sharks

Great White Sharks, check. Sea Lions, check. Turtle, check. Dolphins from the boat, check.
Amazing trip with a lovely experienced staff and very close encounters with big sharks.
– Pierre, France

The entire crew has worked extremely hard to ensure we all have had the trip of a lifetime! With the weather delay, they made sure we were kept up to date with the latest news/conditions, worked to entertain us with a visit to the winery as we waited for the go-ahead from the harbor master, and then have gone above and beyond to maximize our time with the sharks. Throughout it all, the crew has been friendly and professional – I feel like I’m in good hands.
The diving, well, I’ve waited 25 years to dive with great whites, and it has exceeded my expectations! They are curious, intelligent, and beautiful! I still feel the rush of excitement when I see the fins break the surface, and appear out of the deep…Love it!
– Laura Waters,
Cary, NC, USA

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