Day 1 Dives: Sharks before breakfast

DAY I: A very good day…The first divers started diving at 0700 and the first shark showed up at 0710. My first deep cage dive was at 0800 and I had 6 different sharks. I ended up making 8 dives today and had 4-8 sharks on each dive.
Water temp around 70 degrees F.
Visibility over 100 feet.
Everybody had multiple sharks on every dive. And this was only day I…
– Ed Stetson,
Santa Barbara, California

Day one of our Guadalupe Great White Shark expedition kicked off with an early start, with all crew working together to deploy the cages at first light. As the sun rose, we caught our first sights of Guadalupe Island under rolling clouds. I’m not sure if there is a better way to start a day than diving with white sharks before breakfast.
All guests eagerly jumped in for the first rounds of cage deployments and before noon we had encountered at least 6 different sharks, both males and females of various sizes. Throughout the day we enjoyed great visibility and a refreshing temperature of 20C from both the surface and submersible cages. As the day progressed, different sharks spent more time around the Nautilus Under Sea Hunter, and with some expert help from the wrangling team we were treated to quite a show of surface action until the cages were closed for the day.
Highlights included some brilliant surface breaches by large male “Gunther”, identified by a traditional bolted satellite tag in his dorsal fin, as well as close passes from smaller sub-adult males, and females swimming curiously around the cages. Ending shark report of the day included at least 10 different sharks and we can’t wait to see which ones will visit us tomorrow.
– DM Maya Santangelo,

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