Indescribable Beauty : Isla Guadalupe

Simply amazing, that is how to describe Guadalupe’s great white sharks. From cruising through the water with the utmost grace to attacking a hunk of tuna at nearly full speed, these animals will never fail to impress. The island itself is a beautiful thing as well, with incredible cliff faces and clouds rolling down the hills. Nowhere else in the world can these sharks be observed with such great visibility so consistently. It has been such an honour to share the water with the largest predatory fish in the world and I can’t wait for the next trip. We hope to see you soon and share the experience here at Guadalupe Island!
–DM Casey

Nuestro segundo dia en Guadalupe, simplemente increíble! Mucha acción en superficie y bajo del agua, el clima increíble, tiburones blancos juveniles y adultos, no pararon de darnos un show único… nuestros huéspedes super divertidos todo el tiempo… la visibilidad cerca de 40 mts, me sigue impresionando la topogracia de Isla Guadalupe.
En verdad una gran experiencia de vida.
– – – – –
One more trip is over, we are on the way back to port. Our guest still are excited from the Great White Sharks action at Guadalupe Island. This trip was very special because we had Dr.Mauricio Hoyos on board, who gave us really great presentations on Great White Sharks.
It’s really difficult to explain how beautiful these trips to Guadalupe are, but what is easy to describe is how happy our guests leave the boat.
–DM Mayo

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