6 Hours in the shark cage

2nd day at Guadalupe with Nautilus Under Sea, what I can I say. We skipped lunch again! And the main breakfast too by the way. It was that good. The lovely hosts keep the breakfast for you since you don’t ever come out of the water, and if you want and have a moment, still serve it to you in the early afternoon. Spent about 6 hours in the water today, using the additional surface cage in between the scheduled submersible cage sessions, doing water sessions non stop. A day full of action, the sharks loved action today, even more that yesterday. We saw at times 8 different sharks at the same time, including some females. 100 feet-plus visibility, incredibly good weather, and a perfect Nautilus crew working hard to provide a world-class experience to everyone. An epic day, looking forward to one more.
– Markus & Tina,
Mexico & Germany

By Nautilus Staff

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