The cages are packed!

Seriously…you know it’s a good one when people are skipping lunch and only getting out of the cages when their camera batteries die or their fingers are too cold to press their shutter button anymore.
We started the day with a couple rounds of submersible cage dives, with great views of several different sharks. The visibility was beautiful, with sun rays streaming through and the sharks owning the water as they effortlessly parted a massive school of mackerel below the hull of the Nautilus Under Sea Hunter. They kept us on our heavily weighted toes, swimming around from all directions. Whether above us, below us, right beside us showing their beautiful blue iris, or cruising mysteriously on the edge of the blue in the distance, these sharks command so much respect in the water and never cease to be absolutely awe inspiring.
As the action picked up on the surface in the afternoon, all cages were packed full with divers, with more than eight sharks at once and persisting late until it was time to close the cages. Truly epic sights to see! Individuals identified include males “Brutus”, “Silenthunter Bolton” and “Axel”. Stunning sharks and happy divers all day.
– DM Maya Santangelo,

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