Protected place for great white sharks

It has been another amazing trip here at Guadalupe Island, calm seas and a unique amount of juvenile great white sharks, which makes me think (contrary to what the scientists say) this IS the birthplace for Great Whites! I’m really happy to see them. The population of great white sharks is growing but besides that, a couple of big female sharks have shown up around the north side of the island. A very famous shark known as “Sadface” was very active.
Our two wrangling platforms are specially designed to give a better angle for both safety and view for spectators and sharks. We had also seen schools of mackerel, yellowtail, and sea lions hunting for fish. The water temperature is in the range of 70 F to 68 F – we recommend you bring a 7mm wetsuit, or you can rent one from us. Visibility has been between 60 to 100 ft, cloudy early morning but sunny during the day good to get sun tan on our top deck or enjoy warming up in the jacuzzi after a great dive. Just do not forget you have to be a certified diver to go in our submersible cages. If you’re not, do not worry we have surface cages for you and all dive staff will explain how to enjoy them.
Hope to see you at Guadalupe island, a protected place for our great white sharks that proudly is the #1 place in the world to see them in their wild environment.
– Divemaster Pedro Cervantes

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