Guadalupe with new friends

No sabia que esperar, ya que he buceado muchas veces pero nunca con tiburones. Es de las mejores experiencias que he tenido, ver el primer Tiburon fue algo incredible. Son animals asombrosos.
– Lourdes Garcia, CDMX

My first day at Guadalupe was amazing! Day started with an amazing sunrise and the crew up and smiling. The excitement was contagious. After an excellent cup of coffee, I was able to jump into my first cage dive with 2 other guests that have now become great friends. What an intense and unbelievable experience!
We spent the day laughing, sharing stories and photos, cheering each other and crew on and enjoying the perfect weather and hospitality. This has so far been one of the best trips of my life. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings. For now, I am off to join my new friends for taco night on the top deck. Doesn’t get better than this!!!!
– Alexandra Kiszti, Toronto, Canada

Mi primer dia en Guadalupe fue emocionante, ya que fue mi primera experiencia conn tiburones. El sentimiento que te da cuando vez a un animal tan grandee s inexplicable y unico. Es una experiencia que nunca acabas de compartir.
– Jose Manuel Donamaria y Jose Romano, CDMX

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