Dreams coming to fruition!

From Dr. Matthew Higgins:
This dive adventure to Guadalupe has met AND exceeded my expectations thus far. The entire experience has been superb. Marcela, Dulce and the fabulous chef Julio have provided wonderful, wonderful service. The quality of the food is excellent. It is fresh. I love it! Marcella and Dulce learn the clients’ names and address them consistently by their name. They are always present with a smile and a positive attitude. In customer service and any service related business this is essential and Marcella and Dulce have succeeded beyond one’s expectations–very personal service, indeed. I feel as though I am a valued individual—not a nameless passenger on some vast cruise ship.
The ship’s crew, including el capitain are equally professional, personable and helpful. Divemasters Luis, Sten, Mirko and Rodolpho were with me on some of the dives. I felt very safe in their company. These guys truly have earned my respect. All of them are very hard workers and an asset to the Nautilus company. Sharing a conversation with Sten is a treat. What a life he has lived!
To the owners of this ship from a fellow successful business owner: continue to hire the right people, pay them a fair and decent wage and treat them well. THEY are the core of your operation as much as the Great White Sharks swimming outside in the ocean. Take care of them and they will take of you. These are good, hard working dedicated people. You are fortunate to have them!
Thank you all for making this such a grand trip so far. Unlike Disney, during this trip my dreams are coming to fruition.
I look forward to bringing my children aboard next year for this once-in-a-lifetime experience if I can get them to overcome their irrational fear of the Great White Shark. Keep up the great work Nautilus.
– Dr. Matthew Higgins

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