White sharks – in full detail & character

Fantastic experience with great crew. Will be back!
– Drey, Laguna Beach, CA

Today was the first day of what has already become one of the best adventures I have experienced in my life. We were up with the sun and got the first look at the actual Island of Guadalupe as we stepped out of our room on to the deck. The sight is impressive and the type of remote and isolated beauty that really can only been seen and not described.
Within a very short time we were lowering down into the world below were the white sharks were waiting and started showing themselves in full detail and character. Our GoPros were filling up with footage fast and the excitement and rush of being just feet away from these magnificent and powerful creatures is unmatched to date for me.
After a full day of being in the shark’s world and observing them close up my perception has been forever changed. Forget what you have seen in the movies or on TV, the whites move smoothly and calmly around in a way that invokes anything but fear or panic. You might say the adrenaline is there but for me it was more of just a surreal and peaceful moment that I’ll always remember. The crew and service has been above and beyond to top all this off, and this trip has exceeded any expectations I may have had coming into it…and it’s only day one! Looking forward to the rest of this adventure with the great staff and people I have met on this journey.
– Adam Gauthier, Rochester, NH

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