The trip worth a 30-year wait

This trip I have been waiting for, for almost 30 years. It was amazing, it was heart warming. The crew was what made the trip. They were just the best. They work so very hard to make this trip the most memorable trip for all.
The sharks, well OMG, big, beautiful, and amazing. It’s amazing what you feel when you see them. All I can say is you need to see them to experience the feeling, and the people and staff you meet become lifelong friends that will never leave your heart. All different kinds of people here to experience the same feeling, and you all feel the same way. When you hear the word, “SHARK!” we all gather together to look and laugh cause we are not in the water (bad choice to get out of the cage) and then you go get back in for more action. Everyone becomes friends, or a family while we are here. It is the best trip I have ever been on and will be back. I truly thank everyone staff and new friends on the Belle Amie for the most memorable trip of my life.
– Jerri, Edmonton, AB

It was a little rough on the way to Guadalupe Island, but it was worth it. First day, we had early morning encounters with those magnificent animals, the great white sharks. The next day was slow during the morning, and at noon we were worrying about not seeing them, but I knew they would show up sooner or later – and they gave us the show that we were waiting for. The way they jump for the bait we are reminded they are the apex predator. Can’t forget to mention seeing a couple dolphins around the cage. At the island, the wind has been blowing at little bit, which is a reminder that our “winter” is close, so our big female are starting to come. If you planning to come, do not forget to bring a light jacket for the surface. Water temperature is 68 F; we recommend a 7 mm wetsuit with hood and gloves. Visibility 80 ft +.
– Divemaster Pedro Cervantes

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