Sharks, meet the wranglers

Dmitry, the group leader, expressed how grateful the group was last night after Street Taco Night on deck, everyone agreed with a round of applause. This morning the group was more laid back and decided to start till 8AM doing one round of submersible cages. Visibility was amazing with huge yellowtail jacks darting back and forth through polarized schools of rainbow runners under the boat and around the cages. In the distance we could make out the great whites as they approached making closes passes to the cages and heading to the surface to meet the wranglers. We had at least 3 sharks hanging around with plenty of surface action. The group decided to cancel submersibles and do surface cages for the rest of the day. We all took turns wrangling and did not disappoint. Everyone had as much fun in the surface cages as they did standing on the deck enjoying the wrangling and cheering every time the wranglers got the sharks to surface. The wrangling action was so intense the deck was never empty while excited and cheerful divers rotated through the cages throughout the afternoon until the early evening. We had great weather and visibility at Guadalupe today and the shark action did not disappoint.
– Divemaster Aldo, Belize

By Nautilus Staff

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