New Female Great White in Guadalupe?

Another excellent day diving in Guadalupe today. Beautiful visibility and an unbelievable amount of fish under the boat and surrounding the cages made for an exciting first round of submersible dives to start the day, with 4 different sharks seen passing around through the fish and under the cages. All divers stuck with the cages at the surface for the remainder of the day where the shark action was best.
Throughout the day we had at least 8 different sharks, including two “big mommas”, Stella and Persephone, as well as medium-sized males Sad Face and Poseidon MCW, all of who definitely gave the wranglers a run for their money with some very impressive speed and exciting breaches. Among the great visibility and huge females, the shark highlight of the day for me was a visit from a tiny female, barely 6ft long – likely her fist season recruiting to Guadalupe, but zooming around all over the place and mixing it up with the older, larger sharks. All divers spent long periods at a time in the water and surfaced very happy from the cages. Looking forward to more tomorrow!
– Divemaster Maya Santangelo, Australia

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