Sharing the Wonderful Underwater World of Sharks

In the beginning, I thought with more than 20 divers on board, it would be difficult to have a place in one of the cages, but the organization is excellent! I think I spent more than 6 hours into the water on Monday, and 7 hours yesterday…And the sharks were there! I caught many pictures with my camera…and more and more with my eyes! Trust me, I will remember this amazing experience all my life. The dream becomes reality! Everyone is smiling and friendly, food is excellent (thank you chef!) and all the staff do its best to offer us a marvellous cruise dive. And in addition, Rodolfo will offer you very interesting presentations before dinner about the specificities of Guadalupe Island or sharks biology. Thanks to all, and best regards.

–Barbara Leroy, France

This is the first liveaboard I have ever experienced and it was amazing. From the Captain to his awesome crew and hostesses, it was an adventure to remember. I can honestly say the whole experience was more than expected when I signed up. I would like to return with some of my family, so they can experience the wonders of the great white sharks and the opportunity to participate on a liveaboard as well. I have great memories and photographs to share, and met some many wonderful new people, learned about new places to dive and had the time of my life doing it. I was blessed to have been able to share this opportunity with friends who gave my daughter and I both a new hobby, so I am thankful for Todd and Tami Barron and their son Tylor for introducing Tara and I to diving, and the wonderful underwater world and dive adventures. It has allowed Tara and I to have shared so much over the last two years.

Thank you to the Capitan, Crew, and Hostesses of the Nautilus for being so gracious and making this vacation one I will remember for a long time to come.

–Laura Otto, Houston, TX

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