Unique visitors to the Belle Amie!

Special guests of Belle Amie’s 119th trip: a cute little duck showing off at the stern, a pod of dolphins in the early morning, a baby Mako, and a turtle! But what I will remember the most about this trip were the females Great White Sharks. One named Persephone hung out with us for a couple of days, she is HUGE! She is about 4.5m and very wide. Smaller males almost look like silkies around her. And she got close to the cages several times to make close eye contact with us. We must have had about 15 different sharks on this trip, it’s alway fun to try to identify them at the end of each diving day. If it’s a new shark and it’s your picture, you get to name him! Visibility has also been great, we had 30 to 40 meters every day. The sun was shining, and very little swell.
– Divemaster Eline, France

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