Words from the Crew! – "Tuna Chainsaw Sunrise"

And now some words from our crew…This has been an amazing trip so far, excellent sharking, wonderful guests, and beautiful weather! Makes me feel lucky to be the Captain!
– Captain Aaron, Nautilus Under Sea

The first diving day was a little slow until the end of afternoon , 4 sharks arrived and started to swim around the cage and show up at the surface for some nice action. It was not the best diving day but the guest are really happy and enjoyed a lot the end of the day.
– Divemaster Pierrick

Nothing quite compares to cutting tuna with a chainsaw while watching the sunrise. This should be a great start for an even greater day. As soon as we had the tuna all chopped up and the deck back in ship shape the first guests hit the cages at 6.30 am. Five minutes previously we had the first sighting of a great white for the day. Large females kept circling the submersible cages till lunch time while entertaining full cages with spectacular moves and a breach just 15 ft off the starboard quarter. At around lunch it seemed like some of our gentle giants, went typically for Mexico, for a little siesta but didn’t leave us waiting for to long for their return. The show went on till around 18:00 when guests came happy but exhausted after a full day of diving out of the cages.
– Divemaster Florian, Austria

By Nautilus Staff

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