Persephone's Big Breach

After a smooth passage from Ensenada to Guadalupe Island all our guests have settled in perfectly. Chef Felipe keeps coming at us, with one delicious creation after another. Weather couldn’t be any better, calm seas, blue sky, and a light breeze here in the North East of the island.
After various sightings in the early morning and busy cages from 700, sharks must have completely woken up at around 10:00. Entertaining us with close passes at the surface and the two submergible cages, time seems to fly. At around 1100 while, various guests were trying to capture those moments on camera, an adult female shark, which we have identified as “Persephone” came shooting up completely vertical and gave us an incredible breach, well past her pectoral fins just about 18ft off the portside wrangling platform. Stunned by what just happened guests had completely forgotten their cameras in their hands, so this moment has to live on in their memories only.
After a truly incredible day, with lots of action we finished off with tacos and margaritas on the sundeck. All in all, perfect day!
Divemaster Florian Findeis,

By Nautilus Staff

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