Eat, Sleep, Dive, Repeat!

After a the ride out to Guadalupe and some much needed rest, we all wake early to find the crew busily working away to get the pool ready to open. We then wait with anticipation to hear that one word – SHARK!
As I scan the water with expectation then it emerges from the steely blue water. At first just a faint shadow, but as it closes in the shadow grows and before you know it you are face to face with a Great White. From watching them cruise past with curiosity, to shooting up from below to launch a surprise attack on the tuna, the next 4 days spent with the king of the ocean was truly magnificent.
Our last day diving bought with it one of the highlights of the trip. A lone sea lion joined us around the boat, and the next 20 minutes was spent watching it effortlessly and methodically stalking a Great White. The memories of this trip will stay with me forever. A huge thank you to the crew, they were spectacular and never stopped working to ensure that each guests experience was unforgettable
– Jared Wilson

By Nautilus Staff

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