Vibrant Visibility at Roca

Roca Partida was amazing today, with its vibrant schools of fish as usual, great visibility, and stunning wall formation; however, the current posed a slight challenge and many divers had to surface after going blue attempting to locate schooling hammerheads. Calm conditions made surface operations run smooth, without incident.
Current had slowed down in the afternoon and we descended into schools of wrasse, jacks, white tip sharks, and silver tip sharks in the clear blue water of Roca Partida. Cruising along the imposing sheer volcanic rock wall we came across gangs of silky sharks, wahoo, and lobsters staring at us through crevices in the wall, and some hefty yellow fin tunas who seemed masters of the blue water column we were intruding.
We surfaced in time to admire the orange sun setting below the horizon before waving goodbye to Roca Partida as we secured the back deck and started heading to Socorro Island. Looking forward plenty of mantas and dolphins tomorrow.
– Divemaster Aldo

By Nautilus Staff

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