Mantas, the queens of the game

San Benedicto: a sacred rock. It’s blessed with jacks of all ages and sizes; juveniles, mid-sized, and super-sized trevallies swarm around the Boiler in large schools, surrounded by schools of the very fish they feed on, who, tongue-in-cheek, promenade themselves right in front of them. Yet mantas are the queens of the game; they seek attention, and they get it! They join the divers, curious, playful, serene. They gracefully glide by the divers, staring at them in one-eyed wonder as they tip their wings up and down and curl and unfurl their ruddery mouths to the rhythm of their dance.
– Gabe, U.S.A.

Cabo Pearce showed off for us today with great sightings of some of Socorro’s classic superstars. With a beautiful sunrise and calm conditions, we geared up for our first dive to the excitement of a humpback whale diving down right next to the volcanic lava flow. Rolling in, we cruised along the topography to the loud clicks of bottlenose dolphins nearby. Reaching the cleaning station at the acoustic receiver buoy, a pod of about 8 showed up to play, zooming all around to treat us to a great show before breakfast. After lunch, a mild current and excellent visibility allowed for sightings of a large school of scalloped hammerheads off the rock, and some great interactions with a juvenile male chevron manta ray in the afternoon light at the shallower cleaning station. A great day and it’s not even over yet – night snorkelling with silky sharks for dessert tonight 🙂
– Divemaster Maya

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