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Our guests come from all over the world, and we love it when they write multilingual guest blogs! Enjoy.

Foerste dag paa turen er gaaet over al forvaentning!
Bedste tjekdyk ever, tigerhaj, galabagoshaj, hammerhajer, masser af silvertip hajer og delfiner paa en tjekdyk ????
Besaetninger er verdens klasse og vejret godt , hvad mere kan man oenske sig ?
Udover til fortsaetter self
–Birger Joergensen Danmark

So I just did my 300th dive in Cabo Pearce and it was MENTAL!!
For this special dive – a celebratory dive – I was wearing a Sombrero and it must have attracted them all! There was a bit of current, so it started out as a not-so-good-dive but suddenly several dolphins showed up! They danced for us, showed us how to swim in the current and were playing – it seemed – just for us. They did this for quite a while but unfortunately, we had to leave this place and went further up and around the corner. And right then, all of the sudden, we saw a massive free-swimming moray eel, a couple smaller white tips AND a massive Manta cruising around and checking out my sombrero! We were playing with the Manta for a bit and then needed to go up for our safety stop, totally stoked about what we just saw.
My 300th dive – definitely a dive to remember!!
–Dori, Germany

The crew is wonderful, and Andrea is a sensational cook with a great attitude. I’ve been on over 50 liveaboards and I think this crew is superb. So far, we’ve seen everything including pilot whales (when we were waiting for the whale sharks). I have been with Nautilus 3 times and look forward to coming back. My only suggestion is to put some friction tape in the showers because it gets very slippery with soap on the tile. Again, this has been a great trip with a great crew and we are on our way to Roca tonight!
–Joel, Canada

Un día maravilloso con un equipo sensacional. Todos a bordo tienen una actitud muy positiva y nos han hecho vivir momentos inolvidables. En cada buceo, están muy pendientes de todos y cada uno. Hoy iniciamos en Roca O’Neal y parecía una Catedral sumergida, tuvimos excelente visibilidad y de pronto una pareja de delfines jugando en frente a nosotros. Luego en Cabo Pierce aun mas encuentros con delfines y para terminar una experiencia super especial con los tiburones y con luna llena. MUCHAS GRACIAS a todos y sigan cuidando este paraíso.
–Juan Carlos, Colombia

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