See you next season Socorro!

The first day of the last trip of this Socorro season, and what a way to start the day! On all four dives, we had the most playful female mantas around for 40 minutes or more. They just kept coming around between the divers and loving the bubbles on their belly, and when we were doing the safety stop, they came to the surface to say hello!!! Even when we were on the skiff they were around! It was as if they were saying “Goodbye Nautilus divers! See you next season.” What a show…

–DM Keoni

Here we are at Roca Partida, all alone! The only liveaboard right now at the Socorro Islands. Roca saved the best for last with a 12 metre whale shark, along with a manta in one of the dives. Simply unbelievable. When we turned around the corner, schools of Galapagos was covering the bottom blue of Roca Partida! Outside, in the blue, a couple of Mobulas were swimming by. I can’t wait for tomorrow to see what else Roca Partida has for us!

–DM Keoni

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