Socorro Highlights Part 3

Some final blog highlights from this Socorro season for you to enjoy! 📷 By the incredible Howard Hall.

We went to Punta Tosca, which has sometimes been ignored in the last couple years. It can be hit and miss sometimes, and some years one dive site is more or less hot then other years. Why that happens, I don’t know. We heard that the Nautilus Belle Amie had a great dolphin encounter a couple days ago at Punta Tosca, so we went to give it a try. I have had some of the best dives of my life here, so I am still faithful to Punta Tosca. This time we didn’t see much until the last 20-25 minutes when a big, scarred chevron female manta showed up. She was so calm and slow, really eye-balling us. I don’t remember the patterns and names of all the mantas anymore (at least not compared to when I used to be here all the time), but it felt like this one was looking at us like she recognized us. She was really taking the time to search for eye contact, looking right at us!

Next, we went to Cabo Pearce to see if there were dolphins! And again, we just had a fly by. But there were lots of mantas are here! A thermocline of green, very cold water comes up on the south side of the lava flow, while nice, blue, warm water was on the north side and so were the manta so we stayed in the north!

–DM Sten “the Vikingo”

We decide to stay at Roca Partida for the second day of diving. We saw the same critters as the day before, and they seem to be more active. White tip sharks are patrolling the wall, and the schools of jacks seem to be even larger today. Dolphins make an appearance, teasing us to go meet them at 140 feet. We observe them from above, hoping to find them shallower later on. Hopefully, we will find them on our next stop: Socorro Island.

–DM Felipe

The Explorer – that is the liveaboard you have to be onboard for your best diving experience ever!! The combo trip Socorro and Sea of Cortez was amazing, so many animals and a lot of fun with guests and the rest of the crew. It is the boat you want to be on because of the service, the food, the diving, it was all awesome. Just to have that privilege of diving with the big Pacific mantas and sharks, wow! The last day of diving in the Sea of Cortez, La Reina was so amazing, with nice rock formations, and sea lions swimming around you. It will make your day, so don’t even think about it, just come and have the greatest experience of your life!!

–DM Luis

By Nautilus Crew

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