First Shark Sighting Within 10 Minutes!

Exciting news! We officially have our first shark sighting of the 2018 Guadalupe season.

From Captain Mantaray:

Our first trip to Guadalupe Island is off to a great start. We had a very good crossing, and it is now calm at the island. All the guests were very excited this morning when they came up and found the cages in the water and they were all more than ready to start their adventure!

The first bait was in the water by 6 am and the surface cages opened to guests at the same time. Just 10 minutes after the first bait was put in the water a 12ft male great white shark showed up and passed close by the bait a few times. Then five minutes later, it came back to try and grab the bait with a good breach right in front of the surface cage! This, of course, made everyone excited and all the guest started to get ready quickly and asked for the surface cages.

At this time we have 2 different males around the Nautilus UnderSea. Pretty spectacular that our first shark sighting of the season breached right away! I think this is going to make for an excellent and exciting 2018 Guadalupe great white shark season. I can’t wait to see what the rest of this trip brings and I hope we get a chance to identify some new great whites.

– Captain Mantarey

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We can’t wait to welcome you aboard (and the sharkies can’t wait to meet you either)! See you in a couple months Clare!!

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