Shark Diver’s First Trip on the UnderSea Goes Swimmingly!

After using the Horizon for the last 17 seasons, coming over to the Nautilus UnderSea has been a huge upgrade for Shark Diver. The vessel is super comfortable with air conditioned staterooms and ensuite bathrooms. A comfortable galley, a huge sundeck and hot tub are a great place to relax after our dives.

Of course, it’s all about the sharks, so let me tell you about the sharks. Today alone, in a 2.5 hour stint in the cages, I saw 20 different sharks. What a show they put on today.

The crew is exceptional, from the Captain to the engineer, the divemasters to the cook and host, everyone is making sure we are all well taken care of.

Sadly today was our last day of shark diving, but we have made memories to last for a lifetime. That time “Paul Walker” came right at the camera, when a frisky shark decided to “dust crop” the cages or eight new sharks that were spotted for the very first time, I can’t pick my favorite.

I’m glad we made the decision to go with the Nautilus, truly a huge upgrade.

–Martin Graf, Shark Diver

Day two of diving operations on Guadalupe Island and the cages are full of high spirited divers and non-divers gathered to see the fascinating great white shark up close and personal. As a diver for the past 33 years, this is certainly a pinnacle trip for seeing big animals.

The crew is a fabulous group with diverse experience, polite, helpful and most importantly safety conscious. Martin from Shark Diver is a super knowledgable and inspirational leader.

The boat is very comfortable and everything works including hot/cold purified water, toilets, showers and room controllable AC. Setting all that aside the food is awesome!

Bright sun, blue water and massive sharks swimming around you all day so what else could possibly need?! I guess my best dive buddy, but she stayed home. Next best thing, I brought my four boys 40, 36, 23 and 18 years old and my closest associate from work. Something we will all never forget!

Put this on the top of your bucket list.

–Jim Burkhart, Katy, Texas

This trip has exceeded my expectations and is truly priceless. I was surprised by the purity and peaceful nature under the water with the sharks. Sharks are graceful creatures but eye contact can make you pee your wetsuit every time! Everything was phenomenal in and out of the water, expert knowledge and safety, delicious food, and top of the line service.

Cannot say enough about how fantastic the crew was from the start of the trip to the finish. I will definitely be back. Also being stuck on a boat with other shark lovers wasn’t so bad either! I have loved every second of it!

–Ashlee Nelson, Arlington, VA USA

Day One

What a great start to our first shark diving experience! Shark Diver has partnered with Nautilus Liveaboards, making for a phenomenal team!

Our first day started early, and it took no time to spot some great whites before we even hit the cages! The crew is very professional and organized; they made sure all the divers were well versed in safety and the cage diving process. Throughout the day we saw numerous sharks and kudos to the host and chef who looked after us and kept us fed very well.

The food on this trip has been amazing, you can literally eat all day long if you want to. The boat is very clean, the staterooms are very spacious, and the beds are comfy! Aside from all the beautiful sharks we got to see today and the great staff, I am really looking forward to Martin Graf’s “Shark 101 Presentation” and Taco Night! Thank you to Nautilus Liveaboards and Shark Diver!

Day Two

Today is the start of day three, sadly it is our last day of diving with these magnificent creatures and being literally catered to by this amazing crew.

I have to quickly recap our day two experience; we saw a good number of sharks including a couple of larger females who came very close to our cage and adding to the excitement, she approached slowly as we backed up in our cage with our eyes the size of saucers! LOL! We managed to capture some great video and still shots. After we finished up our diving and got washed up, most of the divers retired to the sundeck for beers, shark convo, picture sharing and games! I’m sure our laughter could be heard by the sea lions who were sunning themselves a mile away on the island 🙂

Osa and Rodolfo were looking after us, keeping us fed with snacks and refills before dinner, and what a FABULOUSLY DELICIOUS dinner it was! We had the choice of either grilled salmon or filet mignon – top notch! Higher calibre than “The Keg” or the likes of “Ruth Chris,” a higher end restaurant in Canada, and followed by warm cheescake with cream YUMMY!!!!

After dinner, divemasters Tony and Garrett led us through an entertaining game of movie/music trivia where we had to make animal sounds to answer a question, definitely more laughter; it got a bit competitive and was so much fun!

The crew is a well oiled machine, the camaraderie between them is evident and they are always helping each other out. We are looking forward to what today’s dive experience will bring, I’m sure it will be fantastic once again.

Thanks again to the Nautilus Crew, and Martin Graf for his shark expertise, you have made this a trip of a lifetime for us and we are already discussing when our next trip will be, we can’t wait!

–Wayne & Sheila Moore, Sturgeon County, Alberta, Canada

I have been on other livaboards, and this is my second trip to Guadalupe, but Nautilus has went above and beyond. I’m seriously impressed. I can not say enough nice things about the staff. They truly are THE BEST CREW EVER! The food was unbelievable, the sharks wranglers rocked, and everything was absolutely spectacular.

Everyone on the ship has become a nice family-like group, and I will never forget how awesome everyone has been. My eleven year old daughter completely LOVES the divemasters and the crew (she is quite attached to Garret, Rodolfo and Tony). She is having a blast. I know she will never forget this experience. I will never forget this trip either. I hope to see you all again soon.

–Jeanine and Kendall Stright, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Amazing experience! Sharks aside, service is great, food is great and a good feel to the whole week. So exciting to be in the water with these majestic creatures. Definitely worth the trip! 10 out of 10 recommend!

–CJ Burkhart, Utah

GET ON BOARD!! You will never find another crew more willing to meet and exceed all of your expectations. The sharks are the only thing that could even come close. Thanks for fulfilling a bucket list item.

–Errol Falgout, Louisiana

This has for sure been one of the best trips of my life. The crew is amazing and the food couldn’t be better. This is for sure a thing to do within your lifetime.

–Nick Falgout, Louisiana

Great to have a crew so easy to get along with, always wanting to help as well. It also says something when you’re looking forward to your next meal as much as your next shark dive, great chef. Awesome experience all around, not a single weak link. And of course, amazing experience with the sharks, couldn’t have asked for anything better.

–Blake Falgout, Louisiana


📷 By Martin Graf of Shark Diver

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