Dive Report, Nautilus Belle Amie

What a welcome back to the islands. Today I had my first dives after a vacation. Great to be received by the ocean with a gift like this. The dives were great. We spend the day at the Canyon San Benedicto. On the first dive, the checkout dive, we had some awesome encounters with 3 different Chevron Mantas and total of 4 Hammerheads and of course the usual things like Lobsters, Whitetip sharks and lots of Stingrays. On the second dive we started at Manta Rock. As soon as we got down there was a playful Chevron Manta. While we were looking at is another one showed up to check us out. After around 15 minutes I look over to the east and in the distance I could see some Hammerheads, when we got closer there was a school of around 30 of them. We couldn’t get to close but it was great to see them. After that we made our way to the cleaning station for some more Shark action. There were some Silver tips Sharks around and some big Galapagos Sharks.The guest came back from the dives amazed about what they saw on the first day of diving from the trip. Let see what else we get to see in the coming days…

Divemaster Stein, Nautilus Belle Amie

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