Here Is a Place Where You Can Enjoy It All

There are moments where you sit amongst friends and can remember the reason why you started to dive when exposed to Socorro. Whether you’re here to see animals big or small, here is a place where you can enjoy it all.

One thing I can personally express is how much life here thrives. Due to its protected nature, you can witness the many beautiful things the marine world can offer in a way where you are left feeling humbled, happy, and in awe. There is not one part where I can say this is a MUST, rather this is a place to just be here, watch and enjoy. What I will and must say is the professionalism and generosity the team Nautilus provided us throughout the week. From start to end we were cared for as if we were family and they truly worked together as a strong unit to provide an unforgettable experience that every person on this journey will take and keep. To the team, I give you all a big thank you.

  • Rebecca Tannous, Australia onboard The Nautilus UnderSea.

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