The Last Dive of the Day Was Mantastic

Punta Tosca gave us all today!. We did three dives on the site and every dive was better than the other. On our first dive, we spent 15 minutes playing with a pod of bottlenose dolphins. I am amazed at how intelligent and playful these animals can be. We started to do the dolphin kick and they approach us and swim with us. We copy their movements and they totally got the game and do it too. It was a moment of happy connection with them. Divers and dolphins enjoying at the same scale! The second dive we cruise on the middle of the reef, mantas show up every now and then, but the best part of the dive was when from the sandy shallow area a huge tiger shark show up. What surprised us was that when the tiger saw the manta swimming towards him he changed his direction abruptly. Was he intimidated by the manta?

The last dive of the day was mantastic. We spend one hour at 45 feet interacting with at least four different oceanic mantas. To finish this amazing day we had a snorkel session at night with silky sharks. Cannot wait for tomorrow’s dives at Cabo Pearce!

  • Divemaster Celina onboard the Nautilus Belle Amie

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