First Day of Diving at San Benedicto Island

Juan David (The Manta Whisperer) is a heat-seeking missile for large pelagic life. Friendly giant mantas up close every dive. Hammerheads on two dives- the last of which were in so close it was almost uncomfortable. Nice guy. Cool Tattoo.

Keoni (BamBam) has been great helping me out with my gear and lending his knowledge.

Christian (Gato) the hype man makes sure everything runs smoothly.
Rey gave a great presentation on wildlife.

The hostesses Iris, Faviola, and Laura have been tirelessly working to make everyone feel like royalty. Hats off to Chef Julio, for all the amazing meals so far and to Captain Julio and his engineer keeping us safe.

  • Andrew Staudenmaier, Canada, onboard the Nautilus Explorer

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