It Was a Great Way to Start This Trip

Today was our first day of diving on this trip on the Nautilus Explorer. We arrived at San Benedicto Island last night and first time this morning we did our checkout dive at Fondeadero and then we moved to El Boiler to do our next 3 dives of the day.

We had great dives! We saw giant manta rays, Galapagos sharks, lots of jacks, an oceanic black tip, and a small group of about 12 hammerhead sharks. Everyone was very excited during the surface intervals watching humpback whales swimming and breaching very close to the ship.

At cocktail hour our guests were saying that for many of them it was the first time seeing giant mantas, hammerhead sharks, galapagos sharks and the oceanic blacktip shark. It was a great way to start this trip. Now is dinner time and we are having our classic Taco Night on the top deck.

  • Divemaster Juan David, onboard the Nautilus Explorer

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