We Jumped in the Water with Orcas!

There are few words to describe todays adventure. We jumped in the water with Orcas!! They were curious about us and kept circling back to check us out. I could literally reach out and touch them! One of the whales had a dead dolphin in it’s mouth, so they must have just made the kill before we came upon them. We were able to get in several times before they were on the move again. Such an amazing day! Such an incredible trip!

We have gotten in with thousands of mobulas, bottlenose dolphins, whale shark, sea lions, fur seals and finally the orcas. This is a must do trip for those looking for adventure and something off the beaten path. Pack your patience, these are big animals and you never know what you will see. The crew is fantastic and you will not have more fun than this!

  • Kelley, onboard the Nautilus Gallant Lady

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