More Than What I Was Expecting

This trip has been fascinating and way more than what I was expecting. Upon boarding this ship I was shocked at how beautiful and comfortable the ship is. The crew is kind and experienced, our captain Gordon brilliantly plans each day’s schedule to be exciting yet flexible, we avoided a storm while having fun with sea lions. Our hostess Sylvia has provided excellent service and made me feel like I’m at home. Sylvia takes great care of us by always asking what we want to drink and providing water and refreshments before and after our dives. She also cleans our rooms and makes sure all of us are comfortable. Our chef Julio cooks up meals that could rival Michelin star restaurants, the meals are not only delicious but are works of art. Manta Ray our dive master makes sure that all of us are safe underwater and is extremely experienced in the dive sites in the Sea of Cortez. He gave me many useful tips on diving skills and I learned many diving techniques from him. Yawn and Gabriel work hard behind the scenes on the boat. Yann captains the ship from midnight to the morning, he also cares a lot about our safety and gives advice for headaches or any kind of trouble that relates to diving. Our engineer Gabriel works very hard, without him the ship probably wouldn’t have electricity or water. Gabriel and Yann also drive the zodiac to take us to dive sites. The dives on this trip have been really exciting. One of my favorite trips was snorkeling with whale sharks near Bahia de Los Angeles, I got really close to one of them and it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Another dive that I enjoyed was the one with the hammerheads and sea lions, although the visibility was not the best we still saw a few hammerheads. While we were doing our safety stop a sea lion was playing with us and he was hugging our air tanks and trying to bite our fins. I can’t believe how fast time goes by on this ship it feels like yesterday when I boarded the ship. This trip will be in my memory as one of the best diving trips of my life. I appreciate the crew for helping me and making my trip the best trip I could have asked for.

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