Amazed by the Abundance and Diversity of Marine Life in the Sea of Cortez

I’m constantly amazed by the abundance and diversity of marine life in the sea of Cortez I’ve seen over the 5 years I’ve been living and working in Baja California.

In particular, this season, the Cerralvo channel in the southern area of the Gulf of California, has been very active. During the spring trips, we saw schools of hundreds and maybe thousands of Mobulas, which are possible to see until the end of the summer. We saw and swam several times with big whale sharks feeding at the surface. We have seen pods of dolphins of different species on basically every single trip.

We have had several close encounters with humpback, fin and minke, and blue whales. Yes! Blue whales are the biggest animal ever on earth. We had other encounters that have blown my mind many times! Seen and swimming with orcas and saw a migration of sperm whales! These giants were gentle and chill in groups of 10 to 20 but were all together probably one hundred individuals.

Now on this trip in one day, we saw 2 fin whales, a pod of maybe 30 sperm whales, sea lions, a school of maybe 15 mobulas, and at sunset another whale spouts in the distance!!!

I highly recommend visiting the Sea of Cortes. Our trips are for everyone, scuba divers, snorkelers, naturalists, photographers, etc!

  • Celina Divemaster onboard the Nautilus Explorer

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