These Unexpected Trips to the Sea of Cortez Are an Amazing Surprise

These unexpected trips to the Sea of Cortez (because of the unexpected closure of Guadalupe National park) are an amazing surprise! We have been seeing amazing wildlife, ranging from the biggest animals to the sperm whales!!! to the smallest with seahorses, jawfish, and all the colorful reef fishes. It is a pleasure sharing the beautiful views of the Sea of Cortez, red rocks islands covered with cactus sloping down to the turquoise waters and white sandy beach. every sunset is a firework and shooting stars are plenty at night. We go kayaking, relaxing at the beach, observing birds, and sea lions, and of course diving and snorkeling – on shipwrecks, at night, on reefs, and in the sea lions swimming pool!

  • Mate Yann, onboard the Nautilus Explorer

By Nautilus Crew

Recent blogs and dive reports from the crew onboard the Nautilus Liveaboard's vessels.

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