Everything Is Taken Care of and Is Great Which Allows Us Just to Enjoy Ourselves Carefree

The first two days in Cabo Pulmo were phenomenal. We went to various dive sites for all eight dives, so different marine life, including whitetip sharks, sea turtles, and giant groupers. Then we enjoyed a taco night on the top deck to top it all off.

The first dive in La Reina, could not be better, swimming with the seals in the canyon was amazing, but the show was stolen by the giant manta hot circle around us and got within just a few feet of us.

Based on previous reviews, I had high expectations for the staff and I can honestly say these expectations were surpassed, from preparing the dive gear to the food everything is taken care of and is great which allows us just to enjoy ourselves carefree. If you do have any special request the staff takes care of it almost immediately and seems genuinely happy to do so.

  • Collin Keneddy, Boston onboard the Nautilus Explorer

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