This Trip Has Ruined All Other Vacations for Us and We Can Wait to Come Back

Today we had been spoiled at La Reina with seeing giant mantas and seals up close and personal. There’s been exquisite visibility, which has made for easy dives and snorkeling. Lots of fun on and offboard with kayaking to desolate beaches, paddle boarding, and jumping off the deck. The staff are very attentive and take care of all the details that can make diving frustrating for beginners like us. All the meals had been super. Tuna steak, Grilled salmon, Taco night on the top deck with margaritas, etc.

Relax on lounge chairs on the top deck and take in the most epic star lights night sky.
I can watch the grateful mantas from the surface from the window of my luxurious room.
This trip has ruined all other vacations for us and we can wait to come back. Do not hesitate about joining the revenge trips!

Kath Keneddy, Boston, USA

By Nautilus Guests

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